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Steal Your Kimono Girl Black T-Shirt

Steal Your Kimono Girl Black T-Shirt

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Material 100% COTTON
Size S,M,L,XL,2XL

size chart
S Width 46,5cm Shoulder width 44,0cm Length 70,5cm Sleeve length 17,0cm

M Width 51,5cm Shoulder width 47,5cm Length 72,0cm Sleeve length 17,5cm

L Width 55,5cm Shoulder width 51,0cm Length 75,5cm Sleeve length 19,0cm

XL Width 60,5cm Shoulder width 58,0cm Length 79,5cm Sleeve length 20,0cm

2XL Width 65,0cm Shoulder width 65,0cm Length 81,0cm Sleeve length 21,5cm

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